Our agents are a direct extension of your office and act as a personal receptionist to your business. Calls are directed anywhere, at any time you would like to receive them. When a secondary contact is an option, we will re-route calls to ensure prompt responses. Let us know of your specific needs and our services will be tailored because we know that no two businesses are alike.

24/7 Live Answering Service

From handwritten messages and cord board switchboards to the most current communication technologies, we have been relaying important messages for over 50 years. Nevada County Answering Service provides receptionists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will provide courteous, prompt and professional service day or night.

Virtual Phone System (PBX)

Nevada County Answering Service utilizes the Virtual Phone System which outperforms traditional telephone systems by offering access to features including voicemail, automated greetings, conference calling, touch tone menus, and fax.

Virtual Receptionist

Nevada County Answering Service has staff standing by at all times to perform the role of your personal receptionist in order to direct calls to you and your staff. We take messages when you are unavailable and can re-route your calls to a secondary contact when instructed.

Order Taking

Nevada County Answering Service agents can take orders for your products or services using our software or through your website. Through our system, we can calculate tax and generate confirmation numbers for your customer.

Customer Service Help Desk

Through our extensive database capabilities we can allow assist you with your help desk and customer service calls. Our agents can provide your callers with answers to your “Frequently Asked Questions” or technical support as needed.

Appointment Scheduling

Nevada County Answering Service uses a web-based, real-time calendar for scheduling so that our agents and your staff are able to schedule and confirm appointments simultaneously without duplication.


In order to stay up-to-date on how satisfied your clients are with your staff, services or products, we can provide surveys of the information you would like to know. With these resources, you can find ways to improve your customer satisfaction.

Voice Mail Service

Nevada County Answering Service voice mail system allows callers and subscribers to perform tasks by responding to easy-to-follow voice prompts. With such a huge range of capabilities and such a wide array of different mailbox configurations, Nevada County Answering Service can provide virtually any type of service you require.

Disaster Preparedness

Nevada County Answering Service has backup cloud hosting. In the event of a disaster such as a rolling blackout, your information will not be lost and service will not be disrupted. Your company and your clients can always trust Nevada County Answering Service.

Local & Toll Free Numbers

Nevada County Answering Service can provide your business with a local telephone number, a toll-free telephone number, or both to better connect your business to its customers in the most effective way possible.

Web Chat

Nevada County Answering Service has adapted to the technological environment, we provide an easy-to-use web chat that connects your customers to your business 24 hours a day.

2-Way Secure Text Messaging

Smartphone usage keeps increasing at a rapid rate and as a result phone usage in the workplace is now commonplace. Our 2-Way SMS Secure Text Messaging will keep all your information safe and away from third-parties.